Welcome to the Official Website of the Eastern Region Solid Waste Management Committee.

Eastern Region Solid Waste Management was established in 1996 as a committee with a representative from each of the five municipal councils in Antigonish and Guysborough counties. The Eastern Region, along with six other solid waste-resource regions, was formed by the Province of Nova Scotia to help Nova Scotians reach waste diversion mandates required through provincial regulation.

To inspire waste diversion the Province of Nova Scotia legislated a waste disposal target of 300kg/capita/year. This target includes all waste disposed from residents, businesses and as a result of construction and demolition activities. The target requires an approximate decrease in the amount of waste disposed by 95 kg/person/year. We can achieve this goal with the continued support  of all Nova Scotians at home, work and play.

How? Here are a few examples for everyday:

  • By placing napkins, paper towel and paper plates in the green bin for organics collection to make compost.
  • By properly preparing recycling for collection.
  • By donating all unwanted textiles and shoes for reuse or recycling, visit www.afterwear.ca for more information.
  • By making an effort to sort clean wood and metal for recycling from other construction, renovation and demolition waste prior to disposal at your waste facility.