County of Antigonish

This is the sorting guide – other mandatory provincial program details can be found here.

Sorting Guide for County of Antigonish

All waste generated in the municipality is to be delivered to the Beech Hill Waste Management site. Details on location and items accepted can be found from this link.

You can also sign-up for waste collection reminder specific to your residential civic address by following this link.

If you have questions about residential collection, phone the Municipal Office at 902-863-1117.


In the Municipality of the County of Antigonish can find a waste sorting guide from this link.

Those requiring commercial collection services can try:

  • GFL – Green For Life – 902-863-1744
  • Charles Worth Trucking – 902-318-4872
  • Wilfred Reddick – 902-863-3552

If you have a collection company that services the Antigonish Area, let us know and you’ll be added to the list.