Funding Programs

Eastern Region Solid Waste Management Funding Programs

  • Community Bin Funding This funding program is open to any not-for-profit group in the Region with a community/public space in need of and looking to purchase a multi stream waste container.
  • Litter Clean-up Application Anyone who applies for Litter Clean-up Incentive Funding for clean-ups in Antigonish or Guysborough counties must also complete the Litter Clean-up Conditions Form and have the Release and Indemnification document completed by each volunteer. A copy of the forms  can be seen here: Litter Clean-up Conditions Document

New this year – we have safety vest to loan for non-highway litter clean-ups registered through our Litter Clean-up Incentive Funding Program or through the Great NS Pick Me Up

Those who register will also receive gloves and bags donated by Glad and sponsored in-part by Divert NS.

Highway Clean-ups must be registered through Adopt A Highway. Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal will loan safety vests for this program. More details on the Adopt A Highway program and to determine the correct permit to register visit: NS Adopt A Highway.